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SO... here are the links to all the people I know and love and that I know have homepages. All of them have some pretty neat things so take the time to go check them out.

Jill Paige's Page
This is my neato keen friend Jill's page....let's just say now we know what she did instead of study
A wild, crazy chick with a passion for Indigo Girls and a snazzy word of the day
What can I say, he's Chris, he's sweet, he's got a webpage!
My friend who I've know for WAY too long. Obsessed with Javy much?
Alison is obsessed with Pooh, but that's not a bad thing. Check out her link to Richmond's favorite grocery store.
Sarah Workman
Another GSGIS grad and fellow POJer. Check her out for some neato keen links from Mary Wash.

Carolyn Lovell

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