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The Smurfs

This page is dedicated to those little blue creatures that run around in the forest. Funny how no one knows where the Smurfs really come from. I mean, how could there be so many of them when the only female Smurf was a creation of Gargamel's, meant to destroy them. And how did Papa Smurf know so much? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in the pages that I have listed here. You should note that I do not necessarially agree with the opinions given in these pages, I'm just listing them here so that all the world can have a collected list of Smurf sites.

Smurf's in the 90's:
The Smurf Village:
The Smurfin' Smurf Page:
The Smurf's Homepage:
Smurf Collectors:
Star Trek vs. the Smurfs:

Anti Smurfs

And then there are those who hate Smurfs and must devote their lives to destroying them. You could call them the real life Gargamels of the world. In order to be fair, I must include them on this page. Afterall, how can I truly be unbiased if I only put the page of people who love the Smurfs on here?

The Official Anti-Smurf Page:
Papa Smurf Ate My Balls!:
Papa Smurf Is A Communist:
Smurf Off!: