This page is for that show that just about every girl i know watched when she was little(except Jill). She went from being the wonderfully successful business woman to a rock star, just by touching her earrings. And the funny thing was, her boyfriend never did catch onto her. In fact, he was in love with both women! Today that's just called bigamy. But Jem was one of those shows that had strong women, and even had women villians, The Misfits. So here she is, or at least some links to pages that are about her since I don't the resources to do anything but give ya links to other people's pages about her.

Jem and the Holograms
Find out how Jem changed one girl's life.
Hollywood Jem
Why is Jem crying? Go here to find out.
Jem Is Truly Outrageous!
One of the best Jem pages I've come across. Has pictures, Jem merchendise, and more!
Truly Outrageous Mailing List
Join to find out all kinds of info on Jem and communicate with other Jem fans.
Jem Lyrics
Lyrics to just about every song Jem sang on the show, almost complete.
Jem, Wired for Sound
And under construction site that looks promising and has some Jem soundbytes.
One of the best pages I've seen so far, full of pictures, story summaries and much, much more!

Carolyn Lovell